Sol Alcon PureMoist 355ml
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OPTI-FREE® Express® Multi-Purpose Disfecting Solution 3X355ML


Always wash and rinse your hands before handling your contact lenses. Always handle the same lens, the right or left, first in order to avoid mix ups. When using a new ALCON Lens Case, rinse the case with OPTI-FREE® EXPRESS® MPDS before use to remove any debris. After use, always empty the lens case, rinse with OPTI-FREE® EXPRESS® MPDS, and allow to air dry. Alcon recommends that you replace your lens case on a frequent basis.


OPTI-FREE® EXPRESS® MPDS is a sterile buffered, isotonic, aqueous solution containing sodium chloride, sorbitol, edetate disodium, boric acid, aminomethylpropanol, citrate and TETRONIC®1304 as cleaning agents, POLYQUAD® (polidronium chloride) 0.001% and ALDOX® (myristamidopropyl dimethylamine) 0.0005% as preservatives.

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